physical borders

john fekner

Made on Berlin Wall by John Fekner, 1968

we have surrounded with borders all around. but the location is a concept can not be thought without borders. physical borders can take many forms; according to Weizman “[t]he linear border, a cartographic imaginary inherited from the military and political spatiality of the nation state has splintered into a multitude of temporary, transportable, deployable and removable border-synonyms—‘separation walls,’ ‘barriers,’ ‘blockades,’ ‘closures,’ ‘road blocks,’ ‘checkpoints,’ ‘sterile areas,’ ‘special security zones,’ ‘closed military areas’ and ‘killing zones’” (2007: 6) when he talks about  frontiers of the Occupied Territories, “that are not rigid and fixed at all; rather they are elastic, and in constant formation”(ibid.) Concrete (beton); the magic material of architecture with the developments in technologies in WWII and later, the need for fast and profitable construction, is one of the signs of power and building.

image from mainstream turkish newspaper hurriyet comes up by the search in google words of taksim square, beton


still the show of wealth, pouring concrete.


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