east coast europe, ed. markus miessen

1.mladen dolar, Kafka’s Europe: laws in the hand of the avatar of nobility; the necessity of new laws that are comprehensible (in language) to every day- ordinary. this is possible on the edge:

“where Kafka’s lesson lies: a geographical lesson of being at the edge of…., this edge is the very place of the innovation, …., a hybrid space of intimate externality, of a crack of any inside,the commonness of what can not be common….”  pg.23

– therefore border

2. markus miessen, the (im)possible border, the border is more the economic and the cultural one, than the physical

where is east east from? different maps than renaissance European once, there east is not on the right.

3. kazys varnelis, terrain vague
the transition of postmodernity to network culture

terrain vague works: gordon matta clark, bernd and hilla becher, on what Schumpeter calls “creative destruction of capital”

terrain vague areas strange but within being exposed they become familiar and seen as sites for future developments- best example of wall-border-terrain vague to site of new urbanism: berlin wall. “how quickly things are demolished and the space surrounding was filled in, evil as Baudrillard says, have not left with the demolish of the iron wall, but it was spread.”

4. can altay, europe 2050

5.hans ulrich obrist, ever le goff
Turkey’s EU candidateship
mondialite rather than mondialisation (globalisation)
in soccer Turkey and Russia are in European League. Cyprus half in EU half does not exist island.






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