13-13e6cb5e2d01c55a4f0Among many BAW/TAF, Border Art Workshop/Tflííer de Arte Fronterizo in 1984 is the foundational example for the artistic practices in border spaces. This practice is the primer in US-Mexico borders, especially the most talked-about the San Diego-Tijuana borderspace. Based in San Diego, and most projects were realized on the border of itself, Tijuana borderline, is founded by a group of artists, including Gomez-Pena.

According to Sheren, such thing as border art was not a category till foundation of the BAW/TAF. (2015) The group attracted attention during NAFTA debates[1], and tackling political tension by site-specificity, performances, and conceptual art methods.

[1] NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement, was an agreement signed by Canada and Mexico, the borders of the USA that creates a triangular trade way. This agreement affected the life in borders in many aspects.


Border Actions/ BAW/TAF

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