Flying things above the border

At least three of them. Like the balloons that are hanging above the borderline, Repellent Fence of Postcommodity, Javier Tellez uses border-airspace-and flying in his work One Flew Over the Void  by creating an human cannonball- that literally jumps people to the other side of border. (from us to mexico, but still an interesting border crossing)- is both an installation and performance. Another flying thing, The Cloud performance of Alfredo Jaar, in 2000 let fly two clouds that multiplies when flies.

AlfredoJaarCloud2.jpgAlfredoJaarCloud8.jpgThe Cloud, Valle Del Matador, Tijuana-San Diego, Mexico-USA Border, October 14, 2000..png
Alfredo Jaar, The Cloud, 2000

Javier-Tellez-_One-Flew-Over-the-Void_Bala-perdida-2005-Single-channel-video-projection-1130-mins-color-sound-169-..see-full-caption.jpgJavier Tellez, One Flew over the Void

RepellentFence5_HiRes.jpgRepellent Fence, Postcommodity

repellent: keeping something out or away- mosquito-repellent spray

What is this common ‘flying above the border’ that mostly represents people who can not easily cross, who displaced, who are immigrants? Spatially interesting, the border in all three cases here is US- Mexico border, seems  to be a ‘ground border’- air seems to be free- free to perform, free to cross- an alternative route.

airspace in america is also restricted by laws- airspace rights.

however when we consider one of the other border of conflict, Israel-Palestine, we see that as Benveniste avers, border is made up of three layers; sub terrain, ground and air. As if Israel

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